Municipal Garage

The Municipal Garage of Larnaka is housed in the area of the old slaughterhouse of Larnaka, in Archbishop Paisios Avenue and at the south of Kition Spots Centre. 

The Department of the Municipal Garage is staffed by the Head of the Municipal Garage, one Secretarial Officer, three mechanics and one assistant mechanic.

Most of the municipal vehicles park in the area of the Municipal Garage. This is their starting point and their end point and the Department is responsible for the regular maintenance, washing, greasing, supplying with fuels and lubricants, replacing their tires, the preparation of the vehicles for the M.O.T. test by the Department of Road Transports and in general for fixing any failure which can be fixed inside the workshop.

In other cases where the vehicles are under the guarantee of their manufacturer, or they must be fixed at a specialized workshop, the Department takes care of scheduling their maintenance / fixing by external maintenance garages.

Today, Larnaka Municipality has 13 rubbish trucks, 3 trucks, 3 sweepers, 3 Hook Lifts, 5 excavators, 21 double cabin vehicles, 2 tankers, 2 agricultural tractors, and 2 lifters and 3 saloon-type cars.

The purchase of one agricultural tractor for the Cleaning Department, one trimmer tractor for the Gardens & Parks Department, and one small cylinder for the Department of Technical Services are being scheduled for 2011.

In 2011, at the Department of the Municipal Garage, we set as a goal the full computerization of the Department, the creation of a car wash for big vehicles and the replacement of the fencing of the area.

Contact Number: 24362525