Municipal Council of Larnaka Municipality

Municipal Council

Committees of Municipal Council

Committees of Municipal council and Representation of Municipal Council in other organizations and bodies.

Επιτροπή Κοινωνικής Πρόνοιας , Εθελοντισμού και Προσφυγικών Θεμάτων
Signing of Contracts/Agreements of Municipality
Tenders Committee
Management Committee
Traffic Issues and Traffic Police Committee
Urban Planning Committee
Urban Commercial Centre and Beach Front Committee
International Relations and European Programs Committee
Three-member Executive Committee
Committee for Discarding Materials
Human Resource Committee
Environmental and Green Committee
Youth and Sports Committee
Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Promotion Committee
Health Board and Cleaning Committee
Civilization Committee

Municipal Councillors representing the Municipality

At the Water Board of Larnaka
At the General Meeting of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities
At Larnaka School Committee