Administration & Personnel


- To take care of the receipt, characterization, protocolling and correlation of all the incoming – outcoming applications and documents of the incoming and outcoming mail, as well as of the instant and correct distribution of the originals by Department or Directorate.

- To keep a Registry and personal Folders for the permanent staff.

- To occupy with the study and application of Collective Agreements of Employment and to offer every necessary information for their right application.

- To issue or communicate circulars, to the staff.

- To suggest to the Mayor about the personal requests of the employees.

- To observe the issued leaves – absences of the staff and to grant the status of the ill ones to the Doctor who proceeds to a relevant check.

- To take care for the training and post-training of all the employees of the Municipality in cooperation with all the state agents and by creating internal seminars at the Municipality.

- To gather and communicate a copy of the laws, decrees, resolutions, circulars etc. to the competent Services of the Municipality.