Environmental Management Sector


At the beginning of 2010, after a suggestion of the Municipal Secretary, Mr. Lefteris Empedoklis, who deemed as appropriate as for the issues of environmental management and education in Larnaka Municipality to be set under one umbrella, the creation of Environmental Management Sector was decided by the Environmental Committee and it was validated by the Municipal Council on 1/3/2010.

The Sector consists of 4 Officers from various Departments of Larnaka Municipality who additionally to their duties also occupy with the environmental issues. Members of the Sector are: Mr. Costas Kokkinos, Health Board Inspector, and Mrs Christiana Kouzari.

The following activities are under the Sector of Environmental Management:

  • Promotion / implementation of decisions about the Environment taken by the Municipal Council
  • Management of beaches and implementation of the Blue Flag program.
  • Organization of environmental activities (Environmental Week, Mobility Week, “Get to Know the Salty Lakes” Program, cleaning campaigns and others) and publication of informative and enlightening material.
  • Promotion of the environmental education of the citizens, organized groups, schools and cooperation with the Environmental Schools of the city.
  • Promotion of the recycling of solid waste program in Larnaka.
  • Participation in committees / meetings regarding the environmental issues in Larnaka.
  • Cooperation with governmental departments on incidents of infection / pollution of the environment (Sea, Salt Lakes, soil, atmosphere) in Larnaka.

The members of the Environmental Management Sector are eager to listen to suggestions or complaints from the Citizens of Larnaka for improvement of the environment of our city.

Contact Details

Telephone Numbers: 24816559,
Fax: 24653332
Email: perivallon@larnaka.com

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