Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to pay for taxation for which I have not been notified or I have not received the relevant charge?
How is the amount of the property tax defined and how is the objection made?
Who decides for the amount of rubbish and profession taxations and who are obliged to pay?
How an objection is made for the amount of the abovementioned taxations?
Who are entitled to get reduction on the abovementioned taxations?

Cultural Affairs

Where can I buy a ticket for performances organized in Larnaka?
How can I be informed about the events of the Municipality?
Are there any events organized by Larnaka Municipality every year at fixed dates?
How can somebody get a municipal area to organize an event?
Where is the Historical Archive of the city? How can somebody find material?
Which are the Cultural areas belonging to the Municipality and they are open to the public? Are there any guides in these areas?
What is the procedure of submitting cultural proposals from people or companies?
For any clarifications and contact

Housing Development

What is the town planning permit?
What does the law provide for the listed buildings?
What does the law provide for the ready-to-fall buildings?
How can I ensure a student certificate?
Where is the rubbish area of the Municipality and what are its working hours?
Which days is my area served by the rubbish collection crew?
Is it possible for the Municipality to serve us during the transportation of useless items and other materials, which are not possible to be placed in rubbish bins (prunings, huge useless items etc)?
When does the campaign for cleaning plots, other public or private open areas start?
What is the building permit?
What is the enforcement notice?
Can I consult somebody for Larnaka Local Plan and at what times can I visit the competent service?
When does the campaign for removing seaweeds start?
When is my area served by a street sweeper or by a mechanical sweeper?
When are the pavements cleaned from weeds etc?
When are the culverts (rivers) of Prodromos and Kalifatzion cleaned?
What is the final approval certificate?