Cultural Activities

Institutionalized activities / events:

Municipal Museum of Natural History
Municipal Conservatory of Larnaka
Municipal Cultural Centre of Larnaka
Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre of Larnaka
Garden Theatre in the Medieval Castle of Larnaka
Larnaka Municipal Theatre
Beach Platform
Municipal Historical Archive – Larnaka Museum
Larnaka Community Centre

The above mentioned are about the basic events of the Municipality that as we have mentioned are the ones that have been already established and in this way they create a permanent cultural life in the city. But as we stressed at the beginning of this note, they are only a part of the responsibilities of the cultural Service of the Municipality. Among its other important activities, there is also the management and operation of all the areas of cultural infrastructure of the city that we will shortly present below:

Fortnight of Skala Amateurish Creation
Zinonio Free University of Larnaka
European Cultural Winter of Larnaka
Larnaka Film Club
Christmas Events
Carnival Fiesta
Classical Music Festival
Byzantine Days
Kataklysmos or Flood Festival
“The Famous Musicals of the World”
Larnaka Festival