Technical Service

The Technical Service is responsible for the implementation of the total policy of the Municipality on the sectors of town planning, spatial planning and development, through the relevant laws, regulations, decrees and the resolutions of the Municipal Council.

The Service is subdivided into three branches:

a) The branch of development control
b) The branch of studies
c)  The branch of constructions and maintenance

The responsibilities of each branch are the ones below:

a) Branch of Development control

The branch is responsible for licensing all the requested developments within the municipal limits.

The branch is divided into three sectors:

1. The sector of town planning applications that examines the siting of the developments in relation to the Town and Spatial Planning Law and the Local Plan of Larnaka
2. The sector of the applications for building permits that examines the building of developments in relation to the streets and buildings law.
3. The sector of building control controlling whether the developments have been materialized according to the approved permits, as well as all the illegal developments.

b) Branch of Studies

The branch is responsible for the study of developments undertaken by the Municipality from time to time, such as parks, green areas, buildings, road networks etc.

The study includes all the stages such as master plans, drafts, structural designs, final plans, terms writing etc.

c) Branch of constructions and maintenance

The branch has the responsibility for new constructions executed by the workshops of the Municipality inside the Municipal limits as well as for the maintenance of all the Municipal properties. It has workshops occupying in 5 different sectors which are:

1. Construction maintenance of pavements and culverts.
2. Restoration of road schisms by common benefit services and road coatings.
3. Construction and maintenance of vertical and horizontal signage (signalling with signs and roads striping)
4. Maintenance of traffic lights and controlled pedestrian crossings all over the District of Larnaka.
5. Maintenance of electrical installations in all the Municipal buildings, pumps of rainwater, street lighting of beach front and Christmas-Easter decoration.

The sector is also responsible for the preparation and observation of tenders with private contractors.

The Technical Service occupies the first floor of the Town Hall and it has 15 people in technical positions, 5 in secretarial ones and 37 people in labour positions.

Days and Hours of puplic service: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00-13:00