Health Board Services


Cleaning Department: 24816539 - 542


  • To care about the cleaning of the streets, parks, beaches and in general of all the public areas.
  • To install bins and to take care for their cleaning.
  • To ensure for the upgrading of the environment.
  • To apply the relevant Legislation and to take measures including the imposition of extrajudicial fines, against those polluting public areas.


  • To keep the public areas clean by avoiding throwing papers, empty boxes, useless objects, cigarette butts and other impurities in these areas.
  • To throw the rubbish in bins.
  • To contribute through their active participation in the attempts made for upgrading the environment and through their responsible behaviour to contribute in the improvement of the living conditions and comforts in our city.


Contact Numbers
Cleaning Department: 24816539 - 542
Health Board Department: 24816556 - 562


  • The inspection of private areas (plots, houses’ yards and other premises), in order to check whether they are kept clean.
  • The inspection of the sewerage systems of the premises, in order to check whether these are maintained and if they operate satisfactorily or whether there is overflow or filtration of wastewater anywhere.
  • The application of the relevant Legislation and taking of measures against those who do not comply with this in order to protect the Public Health and to secure for the decency and comforts in the city.


  • To keep their areas clean (plots, yards, etc.).
  • To check the operation of the sewerage systems of their premises and their maintenance in order to operate satisfactorily.
  • To take care for the timely pumping of the content and for the proper maintenance of the sewerage systems of their buildings in order to avoid overflow or filtration of wastewater and the consequent dangerous for the public health undesired situations.
  • In areas where the central sewerage system operates, they have to take care of their immediate connection to the network of S.B.L.
  • To not canalize waters from their premises to public or private areas.


Contact Numbers
Cleaning Department: 24816539 - 542

  • To collect the rubbish and transport them to the area of landfill.
  • To organize cleaning campaigns in cooperation with organized groups and the citizens of the city.
  • To inform the citizens about the days and hours of rubbish collection and about the appropriate type, the number of bins as well as for the point and way of their exposure for collection.
  • To apply the relevant Legislation and to take the appropriate measures against those who do not comply with this.


  • To put their rubbish in strong rubbish bags that must be tightly tied.
  • To put the rubbish bags in an appropriate bin which must be exposed in front of their premise, a few hours before the specified time of rubbish collection.
  • To clean and disinfect the bin after each emptying.
  • To maintain and fix their bins or to replace the useless bins with new ones.
  • To not put sharp objects (needles, broken glass, irons), inside the bags or building materials or any kind of batteries and especially of cars in the bins.
  • To notice the Cleaning Department of the Municipality in case they want to get rid of the old domestic equipment (fridges, washing machines, beds, etc.) and prunings.