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Indicative Information

By recognizing the significance of the institution of the Blue Flag of Europe for the beaches, Larnaka Municipality has been participating with two awarded beaches since the introduction of the program in Cyprus (1997): in Finikoudes and in Mackenzie area, where modern sanitary facilities have been created, there are lifeguarding stations, sufficient signalling of beaches, control of sea water quality and in general all the criteria of the program are kept.  

Larnaka Municipality encourages and supports and funds environmental activities of organized groups and especially of ecological schools.

Every year, about 2200 loads of seaweeds are removed from the beaches.

In the city of Larnaka, the rubbish collection applies 3 times per week and this applies every day for the sensitive areas.

Every year, Larnaka Municipality specifies about 1600 public or private areas and plots from where about 2000 loads are removed (wild vegetation, useless objects and other impurities).

Since the implementation of the relevant legislation (1996), Larnaka Municipality has achieved the removal of a great number of abandoned vehicles, coachworks and other objects from public or private areas. Some of them were removed by contractors who were appointed by Larnaka Municipality while some others were divested and returned to their owners.

Since 1997, Larnaka Municipality has collected more than 600 stray dogs.


In 610 food premises falling within the limits of Larnaka Municipality, there were 926 inspections.

- In 355 cases, warning letters were given for compliance with which the businessmen have fully complied.

In the national program of samplings for food control, 84 food samples were taken as follows:

  • 39 samples for microbiological control
  • 15 samples for control of additives and special analyses
  •  5 samples of residues of farm chemicals
  • 12 samples for control of environmental and other burdening of food and natural toxins
  • 5 samples for control of composition quality & nutritional value and
  • 8 samples for control of natural mineral and bottled waters

- In 3 cases of samples of microbiological control of foods warning letters were given for compliance, with which the controlled parties have been fully complied.

In the control program of swimming pools, 95 samples were taken, out of which 10 samples were off specifications. After informing the managers of the said swimming pools, chlorination and sampling, the quality of the water was fully restored.

In the national program of sampling for control of drinkable water of the water board network, within the limits of Larnaka Municipality, 35 water samples were taken, which are all compatible with the Legislation on Water Quality for Human Consumption.