Town twinning

The institution of twin towns started to be established gradually between the towns of Cyprus and foreign countries after the independence of Cyprus in 1960. Following the Turkish invasion, this initiative grew stronger due to the desire of many Local Administration authorities from abroad, and particularly Greece, to support war-torn Cyprus. However, this initiative developed further with the amendment of the Cypriot legislation about Municipalities and the election of the first Municipal Councils in 1986. At the same time, in the European Economic Community (EEC), town twinning was considered a particularly useful tool to enhance cooperation between the Community Local Administration Authorities and it was promoted with incentives.

The first appointed Municipal Council of Larnaka, whose head was the Mayor at the time, Mr Georghios  Christodoulides, proceeded while in office (1986-1991) to a number of twinnings based on criteria, such as the presence of a Cypriot community in the twin town, the political objectives of the towns of countries supporting the political struggle of Cyprus and the common characteristics of Greek cities and Larnaka.

Thus, the borough of Haringey in the United Kingdom became the first twin town for Cyprus on 30 July 1987. The Mayor at the time was of Cypriot origin and the population of Haringey included a huge number of Cypriots, many of whom were from Larnaka and the wider area. The second part of the twinning took place in Haringey on 12 April 1998 when Georghios Lykourgos was the Mayor and among the ceremonies and events which were held, an important exhibition was organised in London about Zeno of Citium.

Subsequently on 17 September 1987, during the term of GeorghiosChristodoulides, the Municipal Council proceeded to the twinning with the town of Poti, Georgia, which was part of the Soviet Union at the time. The second part of the process was completed in Larnaka on 27 July 1998 during the term of Mayor GeorghiosLykourgos. Subsequently, Larnaka twinned with Bratislava, Czechoslovakia on 7 January 1989, Larissa, Greece on 24 May 1990, and Ajaccio, Corsica, France on 10 January 1989.

While Georghios Lykourgos was in office (1991-2001), other twinnings were made with similar criteria. On 28 June 1993 an agreement of cooperation was signed with the capital of Siberia, Novorsibirsk and with the town of Szeged, Hungary on 6 November 1993. Later on,twinnings were made with Saranda, Albania on 11 July 1994, whose Mayor at the time was of Greek origin. The second phase was during the term of Andreas Moyseos on 10 September 2002. Larnaka twinned with Glyfada, Greece on 28 April 1998, which was also due to the close relations with the Rotary Clubs of the two towns. Within the context of this twinning, the Rotary Club of Glyfada offered Larnaka the piece of art titled “the bugle of peace” by artist Nicholas which was placed opposite the Municipal Theatre of Larnaka. The twinning with Pireaus was made on 26 July 1999 and its second phase in Larnaka took place on 23 March 2001. Finally, Larnaka twinned with Ilioupoli, Greece on 29 September 2000 and Leros, Greece on 27 September 2000, with the second phase taking place in Larnaka on 4 July 2003 during the term of Andreas Moyseos.

During the term of Andreas Moyseos, Larnaka twinned with the town of Tulcea, Romania on 27 May 2003 and its second phase was held in Larnaka on 28 January 2004. Larnaka twinned with Yiannitsa on 16 November 2003 with a ceremony held in Larnaka and the second phase was carried out in Yiannitsa on 15 May 2004. The twinning with Odessa, Ukraine took place on 3 September 2004. Marrickville, Australia, where the largest Cypriot community is located, twinned with Larnaka with a ceremony in Australia on 9 May 2005 and a respective ceremony in Larnaka on 29 June 2005. Finally, due to the close political relations of Cyprus with China, the Municipality of Larnaka twinned with the town of Tianjin at a ceremony in Larnaka on 17 May 2007 and in Tianjin on 19 May 2008.

While Mayor Andreas Moyseos was in office, Larnaka twinned with Venice, Italy, with the official ceremony in Venice in May 2010, and in January 2009 with the town of Tarpon Spring, Florida, USA, which is the town of Greek emigrant sponge fishers. Larnaka has established conditions of good cooperation with the twin towns, in the sectors of art exchanges, cultural events, communicationwith Cypriot emigrants, common history and common participation in European Programmes.

  • Haringey, United Kingdom
  • Poti, the USSR
  • Glyfada, Greece
  • Ajaccio, Corsica
  • Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
  • Larissa, Greece
  • Novosibirsk, the USSR
  • Szeged, Ukraine
  • Saranda, Albania
  • Pireaus, Greece
  • Leros, Greece
  • Ilioupoli, Greece
  • Tulcea, Romania
  • Yiannitsa, Greece
  • Odessa, Ukraine
  • Marrickville, Australia
  • Tianjin, China
  • Tarpon Spring, the USA
  • Venice, Italy