Our Vision

Our Vision

Respecting the minimum requirements imposed by legislation and the principles of social responsibility, the Municipal Council and the Municipal Service act responsibly and safeguarding human rights and the environment. Our actions are driven by the aim to protect the rights of citizens in order to create a European town which is clean, beautiful, modern, attractive and prosperous, and to respect the next generations and meet the needs and the expectations of its citizens.

The Mission of the Municipality of Larnaca

The Municipality of Larnaca, as a public law organisation and naturally a not-for-profit organisation, has the objective to improve the standards of living and the quality of life of the citizens of the Municipality, by providing services to the citizens and visitors of Larnaca and following the rationale of income redistribution.

The smooth operation of the services of the Municipality is of pivotal importance, especially for what concerns the improvement of daily life for citizens and for this reason the Municipality considers that any complaint must be dealt with as a serious matter and makes every effort to resolve issues.

  1. develop the spirit of cooperation among its members
  2. develop a high level of communication and mutual understanding among its members
  3. create an efficient system for the welfare and development of its personnel
  4. adopt values of internal conduct
  5. establish a rational and merit-based organisational structure
  6. develop and adopt health and safety rules
  7. update constantly production means.
The contracts made for any supply, service or project must be made at the most favourable terms for the Municipality, taking into consideration the quality of the contracting parties and the financial capabilities of the Municipality so as to punctually fulfil obligations.
The relations built between the Municipality and other public services and governmental departments must be constantly improved so as to ensure its harmonious cooperation and operation within the context of the public and wider public sector.
The decisions of the Municipal Council are taken objectively and in view of the public interest and the interests of the citizens, based on principles and taking into consideration objective information about events and/or facts.