Social Supermarket

The Social Supermarket of the Larnaka Municipality started its operation in April 2012. It is located in a section of the Municipal Home for the Elderly.

This is an initiative aiming to offer essential assistance and compassion to many families in Larnakawho face problems due to the economic recession and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, many families struggle to meet their daily needs due to unemployment which was the result of the above events.

The main objective of this work is to meet the primary needs of people by providing products, distributing food, first necessity items and services (support) to socially and financially vulnerable people and families in Larnaka.

The operation of the Social Supermarket of the Municipality relies mainly on the aid of volunteers which is provided tirelessly and on a daily basis through all their available means. Selection, segregation and distribution is made by volunteers. Sensitised citizens contribute to this work, thus enabling the promotion of a society of love and compassion.

We, as the Municipality of Larnaka, rely on volunteering and everyone’s contribution. Everyone’s love and assistance supports our charity work which is transformed into an act of solidarity and support to our fellow citizens.