Department of Finance

The Department of Finance of the Municipality is composed of the Accounting Department, the Treasury, the Payroll and Pensions Service, the Warehouse, the Procurement Department and the Tax Department. In addition, the Beach Management Service belongs to the Department of Finance. The Head of the Department is the Treasurer of the Municipality, Mr Alexandros Anastasiou. The Department of Finance is located on the 2nd floor of the Head Offices (except for the Warehouse) and it provides its services to the public. The Municipal Warehouse is located in the Industrial Area.

In 2020 the Citizen’s Service Centre was inaugurated and it is located on 11 Andrea Miaouli street, on Makariou C’ avenue (former head offices of the Larnaka Cooperative Fund, close to E-Shop), where payments of all municipal taxes can be made.

The main activities of the Department is the execution of all financial transactions in relation to the receivables and payments of the Municipality and in general the control of the use of budget funds by various departments, based on the instructions of the competent ministries upon approval of the budget of the Municipality.

Finally, the Department of Finance carries out a financial feasibility study and prepares the audited financial statements based on international accounting standards.