Welcome Message

Message by the Mayor of Larnaka, Mr Andreas Vyras


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the updated and upgraded website of the Municipality of Larnaka.

The objective of thisendeavouris the smooth and efficientoperation of the Municipality of Larnaka, for the purpose of providing the best service to citizens, ensuring transparency and meritocracy which are pivotal elements for the public interest. In this respect, all decisions, budgets, announcements and invitations are published on our website on a daily basis. At the same time, the website offers a brief introduction to the Services of the Municipality and provides information about other related services.

For this reason, I consider our website as a useful tool through which our citizens and the visitors of Larnaka can receive information about all current issues of the Municipality and be provided with its services immediately and easily at the convenience of their home, office or business.

The Members of the Municipal Council and I personally share the beliefthat we must aim at constant innovation, by adopting new technologies and continuously upgrading the services we offer.

For the visitors of Larnaka, our website is our warmest invitation to enjoy traditional hospitality, appreciate the exceptional natural environment and discover the long history of our town, as by demonstrating its own charms, Larnaka always gains many new enthusiastic friends.

Dear friends,

A main parameter of the policy of the Municipality of Larnaka is the continuous improvement and expansion of the necessary infrastructure and the reinforcementof the institutions of the place, with the aim to provide better services, optimise facilities and the safety of visitors and residents and protect our invaluable natural and cultural capital, based on the principles of sustainable development.

Having this in mind, I wish to everyone to have an interesting navigation on the upgraded website of the Municipality of Larnaka.