Technical Service

The Technical Service of the Larnaka Municipality is one of the largest services of the Municipality and deals with a wide range of technical matters. The Technical Service is divided into three sectors: the sectors of development control, projects andconstructions.


The implementation of the policy of the Municipality on Town Planning and Land Development and the Laws, Regulations and Orders issued as per the Town Planning Law, the Law on Streets and Buildings and the Municipalities Law.


To serve Larnaka citizens with enthusiasm, professionalism and conscientiousness regarding all technical matters.


To become pioneers on matters of technical support and transform Larnaka,in terms of town planning and infrastructure,into the best town in Cyprus.

Main Activities of the Department

The matters falling within the responsibility of each sector are among others the following:

Town Planning Control:

  • Issue town planning licenses pursuant to the Town Planning Law and the Larnaka Master Plan
  • Prepare preliminary opinions
  • Check town planning projects, propose reviews of the master plan

Building Control:

  • Issue Building licenses pursuant to the Streets and Buildings Law
  • Issue certificates of final acceptance and special acceptance certificates
  • Issue horizontal and vertical separations
  • Issue certificates of conformity
  • Development control based on approved licenses and judicial measures to restore potential illegal acts

The sector deals with the design and planning of small- and/or large-scale projects (redevelopment of public works, road networks, parks, municipality buildings, sewage and rainwater collection network etc.), the supervision of projects carried out by private contractors on behalf of the Municipality of Larnaka, and the design and management of road traffic issues (e.g. parking lots, traffic decongestion etc.).

The sector is responsible to plan, execute and supervise building works or infrastructure and maintenance projects which are carried out within the boundaries of the Municipality. In cooperation with the projects sector, it is in charge of all necessary actions within the context of the procurement process for contracts of new projects or maintenance works, as well as for the management of such contracts.

It employs teams which deal with:

  • the construction and maintenance of public walkways and storm sewers
  • the reinstatement of road cuttings for utility services and resurfacing
  • building and maintenance of vertical and horizontal signage
  • maintenance of traffic lights/pedestrian crossings in the whole District
  • maintenance of electrical installations of municipality buildings, rainwater pumps, street lights on the seafront, Christmas and Easter decoration
  • maintenance of the municipal buildings and properties.
Human Resources

The Technical Service has a workforce of 51 people in total, as shown in detail on the graphs which follow.

  • 1 Municipality Engineer
  • 1 Technical Service Officer (Architect)
  • 1 Technical Service Officer (Town Planning Officer)
  • 1 Technical Service Officer (Civil Engineer)
  • 1 Senior Technical Inspector
  • 1 Senior Technician
  • 9 Technicians
  • 1 Electrical Technician

Total: 16 persons

  • 3 Scribes
  • 2 Supervisors
  • 8 Specialist Technicians
  • 10 Builders
  • 3 Electricians
  • 9 Workers

Total: 32 persons

It is noted that five (5) people from the workforce deal with special works at the offices of the Municipality.

Building and Maintenance Team

The team deals with the construction and maintenance of walkways and sewers, thereinstatement of road cuttings for utility services and resurfacing.

Ad Hoc Team for the Reconstruction of Walkways

With the aim to reconstruct walkways in the Turkish-Cypriot neighbourhoods of Larnaka, an ad hoc team was set up after hiring 10 workers for the execution of the works. The team continues to work with 7 ad hoc workers and deals with the execution of funded projects in the town.

Signage Team

It deals with the construction and maintenance of horizontal and vertical signage.

Team of Electricians

The team deals with the maintenance of traffic lights and controlled pedestrian crossings in the whole Larnaka District, the maintenance of electrical installations of municipality buildings, rainwater pumps, street lights on the seafront and the Christmas and Easter decoration.

In total, 38 traffic lights and 29 pedestrian crossings with traffic lights are managed.


The Technical Service occupies the 1st floor of the Municipality Building.


The Technical Service keeps an archive for all issued Town Planning and Building Licenses, Final Acceptance Certificates, Plot Separation Licenses, regulatory plans and projects for road networks, designs and final plans for the construction of municipality buildings/properties, and general incoming and outgoing correspondence.

An electronic archive has been also established for all incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as town planning licenses and building licenses.

The numbers of issued licenses are recorded each month on the electronic map per plot.