Hygiene Service

Hygiene Service

It is located on the 3rd floor of the Head Office of the Municipality of Larnaka.

Head of the Service
Duties and responsibilities

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, formal inspections are carried out within the area of the Larnaka Municipality, in establishments of food and beverage preparation and sale, food and water sampling (microbiological, chemical and environmental analyses). Moreover analyses of potable water and swimming pool water are carried out. In case the holders of catering establishments do not comply with the Legislative Provisions, the Service proceeds to the appropriate measures against them.

In addition, complaints by consumers are examined and investigated in relation to degraded food and in case of non-compliance, the appropriate measures are taken against the offenders.

The Hygiene Service also examines the following applications to issue licenses:

  1. For operation
  2. To use business premises
  3. To sell alcoholic beverages
  4. For sound emission for entertainment venues
  5. To operate public swimming pools
  6. To operate a street shop
  7. For town planning and building licenses, it examines applications and issues terms and conditions on hygiene aspects
  8. To issue a dog owner license

Specialised personnel of the Department places rodenticides and adds new oneson a daily basis and carries out campaigns to fight rodents. The Department has a disinfection crew and a crew to spray stagnant waters for mosquitos and other insects of medical importance (fleas, cockroaches), with substances which are approved by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environment. The spraying cycles against mosquitos take place throughout the year, due to the presence of many sources of hatching (area of the Salt Lakes, channels and rainwater sewers, sewage systems etc.) and due to weather conditions.

The Department examines complaints by citizens in relation to nuisances such as:

  1. Overflow of sewers
  2. Problems in the sewage systems
  3. Accumulation of garbage
  4. Abandoned houses and properties
  5. Maintenance of animals and birds in poor hygiene conditions
  6. Nuisance due to continuous barking etc.

The Service contributed to the implementation of the creation of the Municipal Park for Dogs which is located next to the parking lot on Tassos Mitsopoulos avenue, and the establishment of the beach for dogs which is located in the area of Spyros Beach.

The crew of the Service collects stray animals and transfers them to a private shelter. In addition, it collects dead animals and cooperates with a private company for their disposal.

In case of serious cases related to animal welfare, the Municipality cooperates with the recently established Animal Police.

Around 200 waste bins have been placed within the municipality area to dispose of dog trash.

A crew of the Municipality of Larnaka collects stray dogs from Monday-Friday, from 7:30-15:00. After 15:00 and on weekends, the Municipality collaborates with a private shelter. Citizens can refer to the Larnaka Police Department to request the services of the shelter.

Contact numbers: +357 24816583 / +357 24816557

Officers of the Service deal with the management of beaches within the context of the “Blue Flag” program. In addition, Officers of the Environmental Management Sector monitor the conditions of the Salt Lakes and proceed to the relevant actions in cooperation with the Department of Environment of Cyprus. Lectures about the flora and fauna of the area are organised for schools in the area of the Salt Lakes.

Finally, the Service is responsible, together with the Cleaning Department, to monitor recycling in the town and promote ecological and environmental awareness by encouraging sustainable development at the same time.

Responsibilities of the Municipality

  • Inspection of the public and private places (plots, house gardens and other properties, public streets, walkways) so as to verify the cleaning conditions/any nuisance
  • Inspection of the sewage systems of properties so as to verify the satisfactory operation or overflow of sewage
  • Implementation of the relevant Legislation and measures against offenders so as to protect public health and ensure the wellbeing and convenience of citizens
  • Implementation of the relevant Legislation and measures including fines against those polluting public areas

Responsibilities of Citizens

  • Cleaning their private properties (plots, gardens etc.)
  • Maintaining sewage systems in their properties so that they operate in a satisfactory manner
  • Care to timely pump out sewage and avoid overflow and protect public health
  • In areas where there is a central sewage network, they must make arrangements to immediately connect their system to the central one of Larnaka.