The History of the Municipality

Historical Timeline

The most important event in the history of Larnaka was the recent anniversary of 4000 years of life within the current municipality borders. The tombs in the area of AgiosProdromos, Kathari, Pampoula and Vyzadjia (Hala Sultan Tekke), which were discovered from time to time thanks to the excavations executed under the guidance of archaeologists VassosKarageorghis, Marguerite Yon and Paul Astrom, were dated to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. Nowadays, at the onset of the 3rd millennium A.D. we can conclude with certainty that the place of the modern town of Larnaka has been inhabited for the last 4000 years.


The roots of the current local administration of Cyprus and the Municipality of Larnaka date to the last years of the Ottoman rule. There is not much information about the period until 1864. However, on 8th November 1864, the Turks established a Law which set up the fundamental provisions for the administration of the geographical districts of the Ottoman Empireand this applied to Cyprus as well.