Municipal Library

The Municipal Library of Larnaka started its operation in September 1955 when Georgios Christodoulides was the Mayor. At the time it was located at the Town Hall. In 1971, by  Aniva Fransi Mayor, the currently usedbuilding was constructed in the Municipal Garden, on the corner of Leonida Kioupi street and Grigori Afxentiou avenue, and it was at the time the Municipal Library and Art Gallery. The construction of the building was a donation of Princess Zena Kanther de Tyras. The inauguration of the building was held on 24 January 1971 in the presence of the donator.

From 1971 to February 1975, the Library and Art Gallery operated part-time. The Library firstly opened for the public in February 1975, with 5000 books, and it was used as a reading room. Visits by the public continuously increased year by year and in July 1984 the Municipal Library started the service of lending books and worked full-time. Until 1996 the ground floor of the Municipal Library accommodatedthe Art Gallery which was transferred to a special area.

In 2012 when the Mayor was Andreas Moyseos, the building was fully refurbished. It has become more functional and now offers more study areas. It features Wi-Fi connection, a central heating/air-conditioning system, additional storage areas with a system of stable temperature and humidity for archiving periodicals and other publications, a personal locker area for visitors, as well as an internal security system, whereas a lift has been installed, thus making the Library fully accessible for people with mobility problems. Finally, at the ground floor, a warm and hospitable area to be used exclusively by children was created thanks to the donation of the “Christina A. Apostolou” foundation, and it was named the “Christina A. Apostolou” children’s section.

Nowadays the Municipal Library consists of the ground floor, the first and the second floor. The ground floor includesthe public service desks, the children’s section “Christina A. Apostolou”, the legal section “Alkis Iakovides”, the storage area of periodicals, the minutes of the House of Representatives, the Official Gazette of the Republic and the foreign language books section. The Loan department and the personal study areas are located on the first floor. The Cyprus section is located on the second floor, as well as the ICT department and the reading room.

The Municipal Library has 54,000 volumes of books in Greek, English, Finish, Romanian and Czech. It also holds 180 different periodicals, an archive of the Official Gazette of the Republic and the archive of the Minutes of the House of Representatives. It provides electronic access to thousands of periodicals via the EBSCO & PROQUEST services. It terms of organisation, the Municipal Library has adopted the international library science standards, and books have been recorded with the use of the ABEKT 5.6. library and information science software which was upgraded in July 2020 to openabekt. The catalogue of books is accessible online at the following link:

The Municipal Library organises scheduled educational visits, with the participation of students. The Library is shown to students and the works carried out there. Nursery schools who visit the Library attend the reading of a fairy tale about a subject identified with the aim to cultivate their love for books and learning. Moreover, on the first Saturday of every month, a narration or theatrical representation of a fairy tale is organised, or a shadow play is held with the aim to teach on each occasion a universal value such as peace, equality etc.

The objective of the Municipal Library is triple. The first objective is to educate and entertain citizens. The second is the creation and establishment of the habit of reading in children since a young age, whereas the third is to foster imagination and creativity in children and young people.

  • People accessing the Library must leave their personal belongings, such as briefcases, bags and parcels at a place indicated by the Librarian,and collect them before leaving. The Library bears no responsibility for a potential loss or damage to personal belongings.
  • Any loss or damage to materials or equipment of the Library caused by the user must be fully compensated by the user.
  • It is prohibited to post announcements or other signs in the area of the Library without the approval of the Library staff.
  • The Municipal Librarianhas the right to request a person to leave the Library if they do not comply with the Library regulations.
  • The public can access the Library on condition thatthey comply with the regulations and decisions of the management.
  • Absolute silence is required in the Library.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke, bring food or drinks and use the mobile phone in all areas of the Library.
  • All users who have their identity card or driving license or passport and the last utility bill (electricity or water) have the right to borrow books.
  • The users of the Library who will use the reading room must first give their Library card or their identity card to the Librarian otherwise entry to the Library will not bepermitted.
  • Users can bring their own books or informative material in the areas of the Library for study, after informing the Librarian.
  • Each user of the Library has the right to borrow books only from the Loan Department.Reference books, periodicals and books from the Cyprus Department cannot be borrowed.
  • The Citizens of Larnaka can borrow books from the Loan Department of the Municipal Library on the following conditions:
    • Be registered members of the Library and obtain a Library card that they must present when borrowing books. The Library card is issued by the Loan Department officer, after the interested parties present their identity card or passport or driving license and the last utility bill (electricity or water) for verification of the address. For children, parents or guardians are responsible.
    • The Library card is strictly personal and non-transferable.
    • Members shall return books by the expiry date of the loan, which is reported on the loan receipt. Any delay to the return of books after the indicated date involves a fine of €0.20 per book for each day of delay. The fine applies to all members without exception. It is the exclusive responsibility of the member to return the borrowed books in time.
    • Members can borrow up to three books for a period of twenty-one (21) days with the right to renew the loan for another period provided that in the meanwhile these books have not been requested by other Members. Renewal may be made by phone.
    • A book which was requested by a member and is already borrowed by another member can be reserved. Once the book is returned to the Library, the member will be notified by phone. If within three days the member does not collect the book, s/he loses their priority and the next person can borrow it. Members have the right to make up to three reservations.
    • The borrowing member is advised to examine the books and indicate to the Loan Officer any damage observed before leaving the service desk, otherwise he may be considered liable of the damage detected, upon the return of the books to the Library.
    • Members are obliged to replace the books or pay their value in case they are lost or damaged during the period of the loan.
    • The Municipal Librarian has the right to disqualify the members at his/her discretion, if they do not comply with regulations and/or are unjustifiably late to return books.
    • The annual membership subscription from January to December is €10.00 for adults and €7.00 for students and soldiers. Free subscription is granted to people receiving the Minimum Guaranteed Income,after presenting supporting evidence, and large families, after presenting the renewed identity card.
  • The Library has a photocopier. Any printed material can be photocopied, provided that its physical condition allows it. Please do not photocopy books in a way that may cause their wear and tear. Legislation and regulations must be observed in terms of the number of pages and use for copyrights. As a general rule, you can photocopy up to 10% of the book for personal use.
  • For books published in Cyprus, one copy is bought from the author or book publisher. For authors from Larnaka, three copies will be purchased, with a maximum value of €75 euro.
  • The material which is ordered is selected by the Library staff with the aim to keep a balanced, modern and useful collection for all users.
  • Donation of books or small collections (books, periodicals etc.) can be accepted by the Municipal Librarian. The Library retains the right to make use of the donation in any manner deemed appropriate.
  • The use of public computers of the Library for personal purposes is not prohibited; however, in such a case, it must be made in a way not to disturb other users or the staff of the Library. Priority is given to users who wish to use them for research purposes.
  • Users can use their own laptops in the areas of the Library, but they must keep their computers in a silent mode so as to avoid disturbing other users.
  • Wi-Fi connection is available in the Library. For clarifications and relevant information on the connection, please contact the Loan Officer.
  • Electronic access is granted through the EBSCO Host & Proquest services to thousands of periodicals, newspapers, articles, studies, monographs, critiques, interviews, either to the full text or partially through summaries, about different fields such as education, psychology, medicine etc. Their use is possible onlyin the Library.

Winter (October to May)

Monday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Tuesday07:45 - 14:15-----
Wednesday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Thursday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Friday09:00 - 13:15-----
Saturday09:00 - 13:15-----

Summer (June to August)

Monday07:45 - 13:1516.00 – 18:00
Tuesday07:45 - 14:15-----
Wednesday07:45 - 13:1516:00 - 18:00
Thursday07:45 - 14:15-----
Friday07:45 - 14:15-----

Summer (September)

Monday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Tuesday07:45 - 14:15-----
Wednesday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Thursday07:45 - 14:0015:30 - 18:00
Friday09:15 - 14:00-----

Book Loan by:

Current Rules of the Larnaka Municipal Library during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is mandatory to use a mask and disinfect hands before entering the users’ service desk.

It is prohibited to access the book shelves of the Library for the selection of books.

Return of Books

  • Books must be returned at a controlled book collection point at the entrance of the Library. At this point there will be a special carton box where members of the Municipal Library must place only their books.

Books will be isolated for 6 days.

Borrowing a book

  • Aiming to reduce the number of users inside the area of the Municipal Library, borrowing by distance has been applied with the use of modern technology.
  • Members can find the books of the Municipal Library from the electronic list:
  • Members can apply for books by:
    Telephone: 24 654185
    SMS 97 786357
    Viber 97 786357
  • The members shall collect their books from the service deskafter coordination with the Librarians. The loan receipt will be sent automatically by email.
  • The necessary distances shall be maintained between users, with the help of signage on the floor.
  • Maximum 2 persons are permitted to be present at the service desk at a time, and only at the special signposted locations.
  • Only one person shall enter the library per family.
  • The members of the Municipal Library remain within the building for as long as required to collect the books.

Registration of new members

  • The registration of new members shall be made electronically. The candidate member shall complete the application, which is available on the website of the Municipality and send it to the email
  • The Municipal Librarian will call the candidate member and book an appointment at the preferable time so that the candidate provides the required supporting documents for identification. At the time of the identification, the membership card is delivered.
  • A special provision is made for registration by phone for all persons over 60 years old.

Reading Room

  • The reading room shall remain closed.

Cyprus Section

  • Researchers will have access to the relevant material of the Library only after fixing an appointment and in the area which will be indicated by the Municipal Librarian. Visits will be permitted only for the purposes of research on material which may not be borrowed and taken out from the Municipal Library.

School Visits – Tours

  • At this stage, school visits and tours are not permitted.

Information to Members

  • The members of the Municipal Library will be informed from time to time from the website and the Facebook page of the Municipality where announcements will be published from time to time.

Prohibition of Entry

  • Any person having COVID-19 symptoms (general weakness, fever, coughing, muscle ache and/or runny nose) is recommended to stay out of the Municipal Library, and use only electronic services.

Address: corner of Leonidas Kioupis and Grigori Afxentiou
Telephone: 24654185

Electronic search on the Library Catalogue: (database)

  • You can download the catalogue of publications here
  • You can download the book catalogue here.